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Free People Duvet Bomber Jacket

Free People Duvet Bomber Jacket

If you’re in the market for a new winter jacket then you’ve come to the right place. The Free People Duvet blazer is a sure fire winner. It is made of 70% poly 30% nylon and is sure to please any fashion hound. This is the type of quality garment that you’ll be proud to show off on your next trip to the ski resort. You’ll be glad to know that it is also fairly affordable, too. Aside from the duvet blazer, Free People has a number of other excellent outerwear options.

One of the coolest features is the full zipper front closure and the large sleeve pocket. Another plus is that the duvet blazer comes in a variety of colors. With so many colors to choose from, you’ll be able to match it up with your wardrobe in a snap.