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How Many Days Until July 18 2020

Are you wondering how many days until July 18 2020? Well, luckily there is a countdown that can help you find out. July 18th 2020 falls on a Saturday and is in the month of July, which has 31 days. This date is also a leap-year, meaning it will fall on a day other than the normal calendar. Below are the various ways to find out how many days remain until July 18, 2020.

July 18 is the 199th and 200th days of the year in leap years. This date is approximately three hundred sixty-six days in length. This means that there are still 166 days before the year ends. There are also events scheduled for 2020 on July 18. With 60,000 men, Emperor Julian arrives at Antioch and begins a campaign against The Persian Empire. Chinese forces under General Li Shiji besiege the strategic fortress city of Anshi during the Goguryeo-Tang War. Almohad forces defeat Alfonso VIII’s Castilian army at the Battle of Alarcos on July 18th and force them to retreat to Toledo.