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Blue Fortune Hyssop

Blue Fortune Hyssop, Anise Hyssop, and Anise Hyssop

Blue Fortune Hyssop is a beautiful perennial plant. This plant is an excellent choice for gardens. It grows to three feet high, about four feet tall with flowers, and spreads to about three feet wide. Its flowers have a minty-anise scent, and its leaves can be used in potpourri and as a flavoring for summer drinks. It also attracts butterflies and makes a good addition to a butterfly garden.

It attracts pollinators, and the edible leaves are a unique twist on herbal teas. The anise flavor comes from the hybrid parent, while the milder sweetness of Korean Mint is provided by the Korean Mint parent. The plant is easy to grow and has a long history of medicinal and culinary uses. It grows in a variety of soil conditions, and is easy to grow in a sunny or semi-shade area.

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ is a moderate growing perennial that performs well in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5A to 9B. It is easy-to-grow and can withstand heat and drought. It attracts butterflies with its blue and lavender flowers, but is not eaten by deer.

This plant grows best when it gets full sunlight, but it can tolerate some shade. Over-shade will make it leggy and weak, so it’s best to plant it in an open, protected spot. If the plant grows too large for its area, you can simply transfer it to a better location.

Agastache Blue Fortune is a great plant for a sunny border. It grows upright and can grow to two to three feet in height. Most people plant Agastache Blue Fortune in groups of three or five plants. The crushed leaves smell like black licorice, and this makes the plant distasteful to rabbits and deer.

Anise Hyssop’s leaves are approximately two to four inches in length. They are paired along their stems and have distinct veins. They also emit an anise scent. Anise hyssop blooms last until the beginning of autumn. You can enjoy them all year if you plant them early. Just remember to water them regularly to maintain their beautiful look.

Blue Fortune is another beautiful plant. Blue Fortune is a perennial of the mint family. It is heat and drought-tolerant. This perennial is a favorite of goldfinches. Its flowers and foliage are highly fragrant and attract pollinators throughout the day. It is a great choice for a perennial border or butterfly garden. Because it can withstand heat and drought, it’s a great choice for public places.