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Energy Exchange Between Man And Woman

In order for a relationship to work, men need the energy of their woman. This is a fact that anyone who pays attention to the world will see. Families with strong women are more likely to be happy and prosperous. In contrast, families with weak women tend to be unhappy and miserable. A successful relationship is built on the ability of men and women to make each other happy and prosperous. So, what happens during the energy exchange between man and woman?

Both men and women engage in sexual activity that requires a lot of energy. The energy exchange between men and women is greater than that of a 30-minute aerobic workout session. Women have a lower energy expenditure than men, however. Both partners experience energy loss and fatigue from sexual activity. There are ways to increase the energy exchange between men & women. You will have a happy and long-lasting relationship if you follow the steps above.

As we all know, the power of sexual energy is great. Even if a couple has no children, there is still a powerful energy exchange. Interestingly, this exchange continues to exist in a woman’s subtle body for seven years, even after a woman has moved on. In fact, after a woman leaves a man, he is still connected to his or her previous partner. According to various sources, the energy exchange takes place with each new partner. Alternatively, some say that it only happens with one partner.

When the man and woman are in physical contact, it creates a pathway for female energy to reach the male. Women, on the other hand, must learn to transmit their power without physical contact. Some interactions can be arranged remotely. A strong relationship can save your family from disease and decay. This relationship building technique requires that both partners learn to balance their energies. The family’s life can be saved by the keeper of the hearth.

Women and men have different needs. A man can provide material benefits to a woman, but a woman needs the energy to give her support and protection. A man can be a source of comfort and warmth, while a woman’s attention and love provide the energy necessary to provide all of these things. It’s all a matter of balancing the energy between man and woman. A strong connection between man & woman can help you build stronger relationships than ever before.

People who have evolved in a higher level of being require energy exchange. Overcharging their bodies can cause them to use powerful energies. When this happens, the system feels as if it is attacking itself and the higher the overcharge, the greater the chance of self-poisoning. The same goes for those who don’t have a deep relationship. They have less energy than someone who does.