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I Am Fortunes Fool

I Am Fortunes Fool

I am Fortunes Fool is a play by Ivan Turgenev, and it is not a fantasy novel. It is about a man cursed with fortune and who is also a fool. The play tells the story of the fates, and of the human heart.

Romeo’s cry of “O, I am fortune’s fool” is an apt metaphor for his situation in the play. He feels like a fool because of his sense of fate and the fact that he has been banished. He embodies the sadness and unhappiness that accompanied the events in the play. Mercutio, on the other hand, reacts differently. He blames people and the Capulets.

Romeo’s love affair with Juliet is also contradictory. He is in love and in love with Juliet. Juliet is also in love with him. The love between Romeo & Juliet is real, despite what the author says. It’s difficult to believe that a man could fall in love with another person in such circumstances.