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Millie Wiggins Bruce

Millie Bruce

Actress Millie Bruce is an American who was born on January 26, 1919 in Eastman, Georgia. Her real name was Mildred Carlene Wiggins, and she died on November 28, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. She was married to Sugar Ray Robinson and Herman J. Bruce, and was known for her role in ‘Two and a Half Men’.

The plaque in Robinson’s honor was presented by Ruth Washington, publisher of the Los Angeles Sentinel, and an unidentified woman. Robinson was a former boxer and was the executive director of the Sugar Ray Robinson Youth Foundation. In addition to the plaque, Robinson was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1967.

Robinson was a Christian. He married his first wife, Marjorie Joseph, in 1938. The couple divorced in 1960. The two had a son, Ray Robinson, in 1949. They later married Millie Wiggins Bruce. The couple had two children together: sons, and a daughter.

Robinson’s next fight was against LaMotta, who was a former rival. LaMotta had the advantage of weight and had a 16-lb weight advantage over Robinson. However, Robinson controlled the fight from the outside and landed harder punches throughout the fight. After the fight, Robinson went on to win four more fights, from October 19 to December 14, 1942, and finished with 14 wins.

After her championship win over Fullmer in 1951, Robinson was called to serve in the US army. The high temperature harmed Ruby Goldstein, who was replaced by Ray Miller, the referee of the bout. As a result, Roy Robinson failed to answer the bell in the next round.