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Traveling From Miss To Mrs Bridal Shower

Traveling From Miss to Mrs Bridal Shower Theme

No matter your bride-to-be’s dream of exploring the world or one of her favorite hobbies, a travel-themed bridal shower is an ideal fit. Surprisingly, hosting such an event doesn’t have to be complicated – just add some fun decorations!

Turn your party into an international sensation with just a floral-adorned welcome sign, some fun games and snacks. What’s great about this theme is that it can be made unique through decorations, bridal shower games and gifts given out as prizes!

Bridal Bingo: Keep guests occupied at your party with this travel-themed bridal bingo game. Print out pictures of the couple in various countries and number each photo; the first guest who correctly guesses which country they visited wins a prize!

Suitcase Favor Box: Encourage your guests to take home a unique suitcase favor that ties in with the travel theme. These rustic boxes are tied with luggage-style ribbon and can be filled with candy or treats.

Passport Photo Booth: Host a passport photo booth for guests at your shower to add some fun flair to their photos. Create a travel-themed backdrop or set up a table with some flags so each guest can pose with one.

Map Placemats: Add some flair to your place settings with these charming map mats that come in various color options and can also be used for displaying menu items. Sweet Story Studio’s set of six is an affordable way to give your tables a travel-themed feel without breaking the bank.

Advice Cards: Friends and family can offer their advice to the bride-to-be with these travel advice cards that look like postcards. Once sent to them, these keepsake items can be kept by the couple as a keepsake.

Miss to Mrs Banner: Add a festive touch to your party decor with this cute “She’s Traveling from Miss to Mrs” banner. Hang it above dessert tables or in corners for an Insta-worthy backdrop.

Luggage Drop Off: Add this adorable luggage-style drop off sign to the bridal shower decor or place it by the gift table for an instant luggage station. It’s the ideal addition to a travel-themed party, and works especially well outdoors!

DIY Signs: Add a fun, whimsical flair to different stations with these editable, printable templates. They include signs for guest check-in, luggage drop off and even a photo booth backdrop!

Travel-themed decor is essential to create the desired atmosphere. Begin by selecting some bright and cheerful signage around the venue – this could range from a simple welcome sign to more elaborate arrangements with luggage-style boxes stacked together and an eye-catching welcome sign hung at its summit.

A chic travel-themed cap is another great choice for bridesmaids to pair with a bridal shower favor or gift box that features an appealing design. Not only that, but this hat also makes an adorable bachelorette party accessory for the future bride-to-be!