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Jos A Bank Traveler Suit

The Jos A Bank Traveler Suit

The jos a bank traveler suit is an ideal solution for those in search of tailored fit suits, available in multiple collections with wrinkle-free material that flatters any body type. Plus, its distinctive design helps highlight your body shape. Plus, there are various color choices making this an excellent addition to any professional wardrobe!

In 1905, this company was established as a men’s clothing manufacturer. During World War II, however, they provided work clothing to those unable to afford it and later expanded into retail business model selling their own brand of suits and fashion items. Today they operate under Tailored Brands with headquarters located in Freemont, CA.

Jos A Bank provides an impressive range of suits and formal wear, such as dress pants, suit coats, and tuxedo rentals. Their online retail site makes finding your ideal look simple; customers have up to 90 days from purchase date to return items if unsatisfied; additionally the company provides quality assurance guarantees on each product they sell.

When selecting a suit from Jos A Bank, the first factor you’ll want to keep in mind is style and fit. These are available both slim- and modern-cut versions; with the latter tending to have more relaxed dimensions than its counterpart. Fit is very important so be sure to try on various styles before making your final decision.

Price of the suit should also be taken into consideration, with Jos A Bank offering their 1905 suit at a mid-range point; making it accessible and affordable to many buyers. In comparison, their Traveler suit has more expensive materials due to their superior craftsmanship and craftsmanship.

Jos A Bank offers suits at various price points, from its Executive collection for under $150 up to its higher-end Traveler, Signature and Signature Gold collections. Lower-priced suits employ less-expensive fused interlining construction methods, while Traveler and Signature collections feature premium fabrics and superior construction details. Furthermore, Traveler and Signature Gold collections boast canvas chest pieces sewn-in for extra chest shaping. The company website and product descriptions offer complete information regarding material and workmanship for every suit line offered by their company, in addition to tailoring services offered. Jos A Bank suits are designed with unfinished trouser hems to facilitate tailoring, with some store locations offering on-site tailors for additional assistance. Furthermore, their generous return policy makes most items eligible for refund or exchange as long as they remain in original condition. Jos A Bank provides customers with an adaptable layaway program. Customers may select to make a deposit of up to 30% of the purchase total and pay their remaining balance over three months. Furthermore, this company provides lifelong warranty services as well as its help center provides answers and clarification on policy.