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Soylent Green Is People Gif

Soylent Green is People Gif

Using a dystopian scenario as a backdrop, Soylent Green tells the tale of a futuristic society where humans have been relegated to a meager diet of highly processed wafers, albeit with a few oddballs in tow. As the population grows, the world’s oceans and fresh water supplies diminish, leading to a global food shortage. This is where the Soylent Corporation comes in. They manufacture and distribute a highly concentrated meal replacement beverage known as Soylent. The beverage is touted as the best thing to happen since sliced bread, and it’s been a coveted item for the rich and famous.

The Soylent Corporation is a global company that produces a product called Soylent that’s supposed to be the answer to all your food woes. This high-tech concoction is said to be the miracle drink that will cure your hunger and help you live longer. The beverage is made from plant-based food sources such as vegetables, and is able to provide a jolt of energy. Besides providing a decent amount of calories, it’s also touted as a good source of antioxidants and phytochemicals. In addition, the beverage is also a good source of fiber. It’s been said that a person who consumes Soylent can expect to live about two to three years longer than someone who does not. It’s also been suggested that people who ingest the beverage may be less susceptible to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. The Soylent company’s products aren’t without controversy, though, as the beverage has been criticized as a health hazard due to its high calorie content.

The Soylent company isn’t alone in its quest to make the human population more livable. In fact, the Soylent Corporation has already been at it for a number of years. It has produced a number of technological marvels such as the Soylent-O which is said to be able to produce one million Soylent-O a minute. In addition, Soylent has been able to come up with a plan to recycle the oceans and turn it into a new source of food. But these innovations aren’t enough to keep the population from exploding, and a major crisis looms on the horizon.

There are other major Soylent-related inventions such as the Soylent-O sneezing machine, which allegedly cleans the eyes and sinuses, and the Soylent-O pill, which reportedly cures cancer, but hasn’t been scientifically tested. Other gizmos include the Soylent-O swan, which is a small device that can be fitted to the chin. The swan is said to sneeze out a single milligram of Soylent-O a day, but that’s a topic for another article.

In the end, Soylent Green is a laudable accomplishment that remains a worthy adulation, even after all these years. It’s a great way to celebrate the miracle of life, and a reminder that there’s more to life than just surviving the apocalypse.