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Researcher Carrot Build

A Guide to the Researcher Carrot Build in World of Warcraft

Whether you are new to the game or an old hand, the researcher carrot build is a solid way to get started. The build is simple, and yet has a surprising amount of power for such a small package. Its base damage is low, but it’s fast enough to make up for this, and its bulk provides a nice burst of damage. If you want to make the most of it, you will need to build up a decent amount of burns, and use them in a way that makes them count.

Low base damage

Using the Researcher Carrot as a PvP hero can be a little daunting, but don’t be intimidated by his low base damage. There are many Artifacts that you can use to help increase your attack and defense, as well as reduce the cooldown on your skills.

Researcher Carrot is a Fire Mage, which means he is capable of burning enemies with his flaming staff. His kit focuses on damage mitigation, with a strong emphasis on the burn debuff. He can also rely on Artifacts, such as the Chatty artifact from the Book of Memories to add barriers to his abilities.

Researcher Carrot’s most impressive skill is the S1, which can be used to detonate a large pyrotechnic explosion. This isn’t your average fireball, however, as this one can be cast with a high level of precision, and does more than just burn. Aside from the impressive detonation effect, the S1 also boasts a 60% chance to inflict burn effects on enemies for two turns.

Unreliable detonation mechanics

Generally speaking, Researcher Carrot is not a must have hero for most players. However, he does introduce some interesting combination options for players to play around with. His skill tree gives him a high detonation chance, and his skills can be soul burned for additional effects. Nonetheless, his three stats are low for a bruiser, and his Atk isn’t enough to be a primary DPS.

Researcher Carrot is a versatile Fire Mage with a strong attack and damage mitigation mechanics. His S3 is an AOE explosion that deals decent AOE damage. His S2 is an active skill that cleanses a single debuff when it is targeted by an enemy. His S1 allows Burns to detonate, which causes all Burns to deal damage at once. His skills increase in effectiveness in proportion to the Attack of the caster. However, this also means that Researcher Carrot’s skills are limited to being triggered once a turn.

Favorite heroes

Using Researcher Carrot as a DPS unit can be a good choice if you want to take advantage of his Burn debuffs. However, he’s not very good at dealing direct damage and his stats are not very good for a bruiser. The best way to build Researcher Carrot is to build a team that’s focused on Burns. For this build, you’ll want a combination of fast and effective speed, Health, and Defense.

Aside from the Burns, Researcher Carrot has two other buffs that can help him deal more damage. The first of these is the Flame Barrier passive, which spreads Burns for him. The other is Immunity, which prevents Burns from being applied to other heroes. It also helps Researcher Carrot stay fully healed against weak attacks.