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How Long After Breast Reduction Will I Know My Size

After having breast reduction surgery, you will likely be curious to know how big your new bra will be. You will need to wait until your body has healed before you can be certain about your new cup size. Typically, it takes two or three months for the changes to be noticeable. However, you should still expect to be surprised at how quickly your new bra fits you! Listed below are some tips to help you get ready for the big day.

First, you must wait at least six months after your breast reduction to buy new lingerie. Purchasing a bra earlier than six months can cause swelling and discomfort. It may also result in the wrong bra size. Due to the shape of the breasts, it is difficult to gauge postoperative results. In addition, bra cup sizes are not uniform across manufacturers. Therefore, you will need to consult with your plastic surgeon to get a proper cup size after breast reduction.

Next, you should talk to your plastic surgeon about your bra size. He will have you measure your breasts so you can be sure about the size of your new bra. You should wait for six weeks after breast reduction before you change your bras. You will need to wear a compression bra for the first few weeks of your recovery. This will help you to ensure a natural result. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your plastic surgeon.

Another important consideration after breast reduction surgery is your postoperative cup size. After the operation, you should wait at least six months before buying new bras or lingerie. Before buying new bras, you should wait at least six months to ensure that your scars are completely healed. Otherwise, you may notice some swelling that has not resolved and you will have to buy a new one. This will make it more difficult to compare postoperative results because your breasts are so different. The same applies to the cup size of your bras.

Depending on your breast size, you can expect to wait about six months after breast reduction to be sure your new bra will fit properly. This is because your new bra will be uncomfortable and can lead to asymmetry. Since the breasts heal at different rates, you will not be able to predict your exact cup size until at least six months after the surgery. The final result will depend on how much tissue you removed.

After your breast reduction, you will need to wait at least six months to buy new bras. The swelling and scars will take up to six months to settle down, so you should wait at least a year before buying a new bra. In addition, the plastic surgeon will help you decide how many cups you need to buy. You can also ask your plastic surgeon about the cup size after the procedure.

While you should be sure to wait at least six months after your surgery to see how your breasts look afterward, you can ask your surgeon how long they recommend. If you are unhappy with the results, you can choose to have your breasts fixed again at a later date. Ideally, you should be able to wear a B-cup after your breast reduction. A woman with large breasts will not be satisfied with her new size.

After the surgery, you will have to wait at least six months before purchasing new lingerie. If you purchase a new bra before the six-month mark, it may not be comfortable because the scars are still visible. It may also be too small or too large, so you should consult your plastic surgeon to determine the right size. It’s important to understand how your breasts will change after a breast reduction.

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