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James Harden Travel Gif

James Harden Travel Gif

James Harden is a great player, but one of the worst defenders. He often loses his man and gets beat off the dribble; thus undermining Houston’s defensive efforts. Last week, GIF of Harden performing one of his patented step-back jumpers went viral – evidence suggests this action constitutes a classic traveling violation.

James may not be intentionally breaking any laws, but he appears to be taking advantage of an exception in the NBA’s travel rule. When gathering his shot, James utilizes what’s called a zero step but according to rule only two steps after it are allowed after taking such an action.

But because he’s done it so frequently, the NBA has given in. According to their deputy chief of basketball operations recently, they don’t plan on changing this rule as long as it works for teams; anything different would only come about if the NBA decided to drop it entirely – something which would be disastrous for the game!