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Gulf Research Center

Gulf Research Center

The Gulf Research Center (GRC) is a privately funded, nonpartisan think tank and education provider focusing on the Persian Gulf region. Its mission is to address the imbalance in area studies through research that is based on the Gulf perspective. Founded in 1992, the center has been a significant contributor to the public dialogue and is the only organization in the world dedicated to addressing the problems of the region.

The Gulf Research Center is an independent research institute based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Abdulziz Sager, a Saudi businessman, founded the GRC to conduct scholarly research about the wider strategic Gulf region. Its focus is not limited to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, but also Iran, Iraq, and Yemen. Its research is non-commercial and its findings are made available through publications, seminars and workshops. All income from these events is reinvested into new programs and research.

GRC’s mission is to establish a rapport between academics and scholars from the region. It also produces an extensive database, regular reports on current affairs, and prognostications for future development. The GRC launched a website, Gulf Research Center, to facilitate dissemination of its findings. The website contains information about the Gulf Research Center, its publications, and other relevant information.

GRC has its own MA program for Gulf Studies. This program is delivered in small groups, which fosters a close relationship between student and instructor. The MA and PhD programs are interdisciplinary and focus on fundamental questions about the Gulf. Students are exposed to many exciting opportunities for further education through the program.