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Find People at the University of Oregon

If you’re a UO student you may already be aware that the school is introducing a new iPhone app based on their Office of Digital Communications (ODC) ode to mobile mapping. As an example, the app features an eye catching map of the campus, a list of notable buildings and a slew of interesting facts and statistics on student life. The aforementioned app was also designed in partnership with the campus GIS & Mapping program.

While the aforementioned app won’t wiggle your digits on its own, there are some other ways to take the edge off of the student loan debt. For instance, students should look into taking advantage of Oregon’s free health insurance plan. Other than that, the university offers numerous clubs and organizations for students to get involved with. In fact, the university is so gung ho about encouraging student participation that if you want to join a club, they will even buy you a membership!

Another notable feature of the aforementioned app is its location awareness capabilities. For instance, the app features a mapping feature that can be useful for commuters and employers looking to make their jobs a bit easier. One notable caveat is that a student will need to download the app from the iTunes store if they intend on using it to its full potential. However, the app is well worth the wait. Whether it’s a trip to the library, a night out with friends, or a study break, this free app can be your ticket to a better lifestyle.

Lastly, the University of Oregon has one of the friendliest campuses in the nation. Students are typically laid back and friendly, so chances are you will be meeting someone new. Moreover, a number of student-run organizations, like the aforementioned UO Marching Band, are worth checking out, as are the many museums and galleries in and around town. Some of the more impressive exhibits include the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, and the Washburn Gallery in the FAS Ceramics building. To top it all off, the University of Oregon is also home to the state’s largest university library. Not to mention its awe-inspiring campus, which abounds in academic and recreational enclaves. This plethora of resources means that no matter what kind of student you are, you’re likely to find something that interests you.