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Orochimaru Time Travel Ao3

Orochimaru – A Book Review of Ao3’s Orochimaru

The world is filled with secrets, and if you keep them to yourself they will come back to haunt you. Orochimaru knows this firsthand; for years he has kept some dark secrets that he didn’t even realize he had kept. However, when one of his former friends turns out to be a time traveler with an important secret to share, Orochimaru must do whatever he can in order to prevent the world from destroying itself.

Orochimaru has always been a secretive person, but when he discovers his friend Tobirama Senju is also a time traveler, Orochimaru feels compelled to do whatever is necessary in order to save both their friendship and the future of humanity. But soon enough things start going awry, leading him to question his connection to Tobirama – especially after discovering Jiraiya – a man who died during the war but appears still loyal to the leaf.

When Orochimaru’s friends are taken hostage, he vows to save them with all his might; however, this mission requires more than his usual cunning. He must find a way for these individuals to come together and work towards the betterment of all involved for their futures.

He must confront his feelings for Tsunade and do something he never expected: trust in the future and the person he loves – or risk losing them forever.

After his parents have been taken away, he must confront both his past and the person he loves. It may be the only way for him to save himself and his family from suffering the agony of losing them.

Orochimaru embarks on an amazing journey with his best friend, learning to love himself as he has become. But will the journey prove too much for him?

The world is evolving, and Tsunade and Orochimaru must adapt to this new era where the laws of physics change, forcing them to redefine who they are in order to survive. Their loved ones must also adjust as well, becoming different than before.

Orochimaru’s story begins in a small village in Japan, where he is studying to be a shinobi and living with his ninja family. Uncertain of what lies ahead for him, Orochimaru hopes it will be better than his past life.

As Orochimaru becomes familiar with his new family, he begins to understand that his relationship with Tsunade is more than platonic. When they are kidnapped, Orochimaru must band together in order to fight the enemy – no matter what feelings of guilt or regret he may experience in the process. He must do whatever it takes but will he be able to overcome his own feelings of abandonment?

Orochimaru becomes embroiled in the events of the Third Great Shinobi War when Sakura Haruno is still a child. She has become one of Konoha’s most beloved legends, yet her story is far from over.