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I Hate You In Sign Language

How can you sign language ‘I hate’? First, learn what the sign for hate is. This word is usually written with the index finger pointing upward, but in some cases it is written with two hands for emphasis. It can be used with either hand, as long as the recipient of the sign understands it. This sign is typically used when the person to whom you are talking is deaf, but it can also be used to express “awesome” as well.

American Sign Language is a rich and complex lexicon. It is the primary deaf language in North America. There are also specialized signs for sexual acts and fecal matter, which are taboo in spoken language. Despite these differences, there is no one definitive definition for’shit’. It refers to sexual acts and the opposite of ‘i hate you.’ You can look at the shit signs if you are looking for the sign that says “i hate you”.