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U.s. Traveler Luggage

What to Look For in U.S. Traveler Luggage

When traveling on business or taking a much-deserved vacation, having the right luggage can make a trip smoother and simpler. U.S. Traveler offers plenty of sets and single pieces to choose from at an affordable price point; their stylish designs come with durable construction for added peace of mind.

What to Look For in Luggage Sets

Buying a set of luggage can save you both money and time, with many brands offering discounts for multiple bags purchased together. Kenneth Cole’s Out of Bounds two-piece set features both a 5.7 pound carry-on bag and 9.8 pound checked suitcase, both made out of stain resistant twill fabric that’s easy to maintain.

Hard-shell suitcases are a popular option for those who want to protect their belongings. Generally made from high-tech plastics that can withstand impacts and drops, some even feature waterproof shells which keep items dry in case of rain.

These cases can hold more than a carry-on, making them ideal for anyone wanting to bring along an entire wardrobe. We’ve tested various hard-shell cases and found that all performed admirably in our tests.

What to Look For in Carry-Ons

If you’re flying economy, a carry-on bag that meets the size and weight restrictions of most airlines is necessary. Most carry-ons are designed with these dimensions in mind and can accommodate up to seven days’ worth of clothes and toiletries.

These carry-ons can come in two or four wheeled variations that may sustain some wear and tear as you transport them through the airport. Ultimately, you need to decide which style works best for your travels based on how often you plan on using it. If in doubt, opt for a two-wheeled suitcase that moves smoothly over hard floors or carpets.

What to Look For in Soft-Sided Suitcases

If you need more packing space, try looking for a soft-sided suitcase with an expandable zipper interior. This can allow for more clothing and accessories inside while being easier to open and close. However, be aware that this feature may come at the cost of opening and closing the bag itself.

What to Look For in Large Checked Bags

If you’re planning a long trip or need to bring along lots of clothing, a larger checked suitcase is your best bet. These bags can hold up to one week’s worth of apparel and come in two- or four-wheeled spinners.

What to Look For in Carry-Ons

When traveling for business or pleasure with your family, you’ll need a suitcase that meets the size and weight restrictions of most airliners. Most carry-ons can hold up to seven days worth of clothing and toiletries, with some offering additional storage compartments for shoes or other necessities.

What to Look For in Large and Tall Checked Bags

When checking a large or tall bag, be sure it offers enough room for all your items. These carry-ons typically meet most airlines’ weight and size requirements; many offer zipper expansion that can add additional cubic inches to the interior of the case.