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Camplite Travel Trailers

Camplite Travel Trailers

Camplite travel trailers are lightweight yet sturdy vehicles constructed using high-end components, perfect for adventure seekers or anyone seeking extra space on their trip! With this choice, anyone looking to travel more can do so easily or simply needing more room on their journey can experience all that the world has to offer!

Livin’ Lite RV is an innovative travel trailer manufacturer offering tent trailers and truck campers of various types. Thor Industries acquired Livin’ Lite RV in August 2013, making this brand exclusive through them.

Scott Tuttle founded his company with his wife Lisa. Their campers are designed to be lightweight and recyclable – ideal for helping the environment!

These trailers can be towed by almost every type of vehicle imaginable – from full size sedans to nearly every minivan and SUV on the market today. Constructed from aluminum and composites for optimal strength-to-weight ratio.

Livin’ Lite RV manufacturer Scott Tuttle and his wife established in 2009 has created this brand, taking pride in offering quality, durability and affordability at its core values.

These travel trailers are lightweight, making them a great way to save on gas. Most cars and vans can tow them without issue, and fully loaded weight can reach under 2500 lbs.

As with any purchase, there are a few issues to keep in mind when looking to purchase a camplite. First is vinyl wallpaper which never fully offgasses, making the situation especially unpleasant for people living with MCS. Second is having an air recirculating toilet in the bathroom which may emit an unpleasant odor.

Keep an eye out for caulk in the bathroom, around cabinets and wall panel seams; some caulks contain biocides which could make life worse for MCS sufferers.

Opting for a model without Azdel wallboard may also be wise as this material has no offgassing properties and often gives off strong scents.

As part of MCS treatment, it is also crucial that water heaters are adequately insulated. Water heaters may cause symptoms to flare quickly.

Finding a trailer with a good water heater requires visiting an RV dealer and asking about their warranty and service offerings; some dealers even allow customers to take samples home so they can test out each water heater individually.

There is an array of camplite travel trailer options out there, so it is crucial that you conduct research into all available brands to find one that suits you perfectly. Compare pricing and features between models before making a final choice so you can ensure you buy an affordable trailer worth your investment.