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Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church

Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church

Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church of Decatur, Illinois was established in 1876 and serves the community through volunteerism and community programs. Their mission is to glorify God and expand His kingdom through living out God’s truth in our world. Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church offers numerous spiritual services for its members as well as serving the surrounding area through outreach initiatives and volunteer efforts.

At our church’s worship service, you’ll experience a mix of contemporary and traditional styles that is casual yet engaging for all who attend. Children are invited to sit in “big church” during songs before they are dismissed to children’s church/nursery after each song has ended.

Pastor Smith is an incredible teacher; his sermons are powerful and biblically sound, while the music and praise dance programs at his church are exceptional. I highly recommend visiting.

This appeal from a trial court judgment that granted Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church (“Greater Travelers”) possession against Holy Fellowship Church of God in Christ (“Holy Fellowship”) seeks to overturn that decision as they believe OCGA SS 44-7-9 precludes Holy Fellowship from contesting ownership of the subject property.

Travelers Rest Baptist Church was established in Vicksburg in 1876 and stands as one of its oldest churches. Today it provides a welcoming community atmosphere where members engage all aspects of themselves with Jesus’s gospel to bring about transformational change wherever, whenever, and with anyone they encounter.