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Clinical Research Io

Clinical Research IO and eSource

Clinical Research IO is a cloud-based clinical trial software that frees you from paperwork and provides remote and mobile access to clinical trial information. It also eliminates the need for an additional software system to pay research subjects. Its integrated clinical trial payment application allows you to track payments right within each subject’s profile.


eSource Clinical Research IO is an integrated eSource/EMR/EDC system for the clinical research community. This solution collects source data electronically and transmits it automatically. It also includes a Reviewer module that allows the sponsor to review and code the data. This feature helps reduce re-work and improve PI oversight. In addition, it allows sponsors to lock and query data.

Clinical Research IO helps clinical trial sites increase productivity by eliminating paperwork. It also allows users to access their trial information from anywhere on a mobile device. In addition, it eliminates the need to use a separate software to collect and pay study subjects. Payments are tracked in the subject profile.


Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) have become essential technology for the clinical trials industry over the past two decades, automating study workflows from enrollment through patient screening. But before these systems were widely available, clinical trial sites relied on static spreadsheets and countless email folders to manage workflows. Without an efficient CTMS, study teams were unable to gather critical study information and capture key timing metrics.

CTMS Clinical Research IO was founded by Harvard JD alumni Raymond Nomizu, who had previously worked in the high-level business consulting sector. In this capacity, he was exposed to a variety of business improvement challenges. After several years in the field, he decided to enter the clinical research industry as a research site president.


Clinical Research IO offers both paper-based and online clinical trial management systems. Its eSource platform helps research investigators capture patient data with more accuracy and speed. It links with the company’s Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), which manages patient recruitment, scheduling, and financial management. Its eRegulatory system stores regulatory documents electronically. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, CRIO offers a full suite of clinical trial management solutions.

The Florence team’s eRegulatory experience includes integrating eClinical software and eSignatures. They’ve also simplified the user adoption process with an eBook called Five Steps to eRegulatory User Adoption. Whether your team is new to eRegulatory or a seasoned veteran, this ebook is a great resource for your internal team.

Cloud-based platform

Cloud-based clinical research platforms help pharma companies recruit participants for clinical trials more easily. They are scalable and can handle all the data from multiple sites. They allow collaboration, reduce timelines, and improve patient data security. These advantages are beneficial for both pharma companies and research organizations. They help accelerate the R&D cycle and lower costs for trial participants.

Cloud-based clinical trials are cost-effective and streamlined. All data is in one central repository, making it easy for statisticians to review and analyse metrics in real time. Moreover, a centralised cloud is protected by multiple layers of security. This creates a series of barriers to hackers and enables secure, accurate data management.