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Lost Ark Traveling Merchant Tracker

Tracking Down Wandering Merchants in Lost Ark With the Lost Merchant Tracker

Wandering Merchants are a special kind of shop vendor in Lost Ark that appears sporadically on some continents and stays active for only 25 minutes at a time. Their items are highly sought-after and cannot be found elsewhere in the game!

These shop vendors stock a range of essential items and cards for mid to late game success. You will need these items in order to succeed with systems like deck building and the rapport system, which are essential in earning gold and improving Virtues like Charisma.

Thankfully, Lost Ark makes tracking down merchants a breeze! A special tool called Lost Merchant Tracker exists within the game to help players keep an eye on NPCs and when they will spawn.

The Wandering Merchant Tracker works by collecting contributions from players within the community and storing them in a database that everyone can access. This makes it an incredibly useful tool for tracking down Wandering Merchants and discovering what items they sell.

In Lost Ark’s endgame, there are plenty of tasks to keep track of–from managing your mansion and killing bosses on timers to collecting resources and running guardian raids. Accomplishing all these tasks can prove tedious, particularly when trying to locate some more challenging materials in the game.

If you’re in need of Bilbrin Timber, a traveling merchant ship docked in Lake Shiverwave is often your best bet. They’ll sell the timber for 25 Sceptrum’s Coins each and are usually there every 10 minutes or so!

They offer a wide selection of items in their inventory, which you can view from the screenshot below. To maximize your experience with this merchant, it’s wise to take a look at what they have available before making any purchases!

Each Wandering Merchant offers a different selection of goods, so if you want everything these merchants have to offer, be prepared to return and forth several times!

It can be easy to miss out on merchants while trying to complete your Adventurer’s Tome, but there are a few ways you can help ensure you have all of the items necessary for successful completion. Below we’ll cover how to best spot merchants and ensure you have everything necessary for a successful Tome!