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At italy travel forum, your question about travelling in Italy has most likely already been asked and answered on one of many available forums. From accommodation tips, cost of living concerns, travel insurance plans or where to shop and dine best within certain cities there’s likely something available out there for every topic imaginable – there really is something out there to answer all your queries about visiting Italy!

Travel forums can be an invaluable source of information if used appropriately, including those like Fodors Travel, Mouthfuls, Travellerspoint and Flyertalk; but there are numerous others out there as well.

Some travel forums specialize in particular areas, such as food or air travel; others focus on specific destinations or have general appeal; for instance, Women on the Road was established back in 2002 with its trip planner function and itinerary map function; however be wary that chatter may veer off topic or lead into lengthy personal discussions which won’t benefit any trip planning for Florence!