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Best WoW Miss Fortune Counters

Miss Fortune is a great champion to counter as she has a unique playstyle and can snowball into the mid and late game. To counter her, it is crucial to choose a champion with a different skill set and play style. This can give you an advantage over your opponent. Below are a few examples of champions you can use as a counter to Miss Fortune.

Lee Sin, Ivern, Nidalee, and Swain are all excellent general counters for Miss Fortune. Ivern and Nidalee are the best champions to use against Miss Fortune in lane. If Miss Fortune is your main, be sure to use Ivern or Nidalee to give yourself a chance.

You can counter Miss Fortune in lane and when she is channeling her ultimate. Miss Fortune also has very weak defenses against champions with disabled abilities. Her abilities will also be hampered by her ability to blink or dash out of her ultimate. You can also counter her with items or lane synergies.

The damage dealt by Miss Fortune’s attacks is not as high as those of other characters. However, if you play her right, she is a solid choice for teamfights. She has good scaling and strong teamfight strength. Moreover, she has a passive Love Tap that reduces the cooldown of her Strut.