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Travel Histology Jobs

Histology Jobs – Travel the Nation and Gain Experience at Cutting-Edge Hospitals

Experienced medical laboratory workers looking for histology jobs nationwide can take advantage of histology jobs that allow for travel while providing valuable experience at state-of-the-art hospitals and high-tech facilities across the U.S. Histotechnicians play a specialized role in creating microscopic structures to be examined by pathologists; their duties also involve collecting specimens from surgeries, diagnoses, autopsies and autopsies, prioritizing them using very precise equipment as well as sorting, logging and prioritization procedures and then creating microscopic structures so pathologists can examine them according to standard operating procedures written and procedures written or standards set forth.

Histotechnicians are responsible for storing, ordering and managing supplies and histology laboratory equipment. Orders come from physicians and pathologists for timely laboratory procedures execution using various histotechnological instruments and equipment to perform histopathological analyses involving dehydrating, clearing, paraffin impregnation cutting staining or dyeing samples mounting them on slides for examination.

Qualifications for histology as a career include having attained either an associate degree in histology or related fields and ASCP certification or training equivalent, with outstanding critical thinking and organizational abilities, lab safety expertise (with or without correction), great eyesight (with or without corrective lenses) and fine motor abilities in order to operate delicate tools while handling microscopic specimens.