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Why Does My Jaw Get Tired When I Chew

If you’re wondering, “Why does my jaw get tired when I chew?” you are not alone. It can affect your daily life and lead to poor energy levels, difficulty focusing, and a miserable quality of life. Jaw fatigue is a sign of TMJ disorder, a common condition in oral health. It is treatable, the good news! Read on to find out why your jaw feels so tired and what you can do to solve it.

Dental occlusion is a condition where your jaw muscles become tired while chewing. Tooth alignment is crucial for proper dental health. Dental occlusion can cause problems in your teeth, gums and other areas of your body, regardless of whether your jaws are aligned correctly or you need to replace missing teeth. Occlusal problems can cause pain in the jaw, crooked teeth, tender and aching gums, and other issues.

Inflammatory disorders can lead to jaw pain. Jaw pain can also be caused by poor posture and bad teeth. Additionally, a previous jaw fracture can increase your risk of TMJ. If you have undergone any jaw surgery, your jaw may become restricted and prone to joint pain. TMD can also cause lockjaw (trismus).