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Bridal And Old Shower Wheel Of Fortune

Bridal and Old Shower Games

A contestant from Wheel of Fortune once gave the wrong answer to a puzzle and got a big surprise. The contestant, Melanie, had one letter left to find the answer and she guessed the answer was “Bridal & Gold Shower.” After she gave the wrong answer to Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak quickly revealed the correct answer as “Bridal and Cold Shower.”

The host was unable to keep a straight face when the contestant’s guess went down a racy road. She had to tell Melanie the news in a way that didn’t make her look silly. Luckily, Melanie already had $2,000 in the bank at the time.

A fun game called “wheel of fortune” is a great way to keep guests entertained during the shower. Slips can be used to write the names of the guests of honour and then read them aloud. The ladies can then match the names with each other by writing them on slips. Another game is to send the ladies on a treasure hunt. You can hide treasures in nature or find items in stores for them.

The bride-to-be can also host a photo booth to capture candid moments and entertain guests. The booth needs a camera, a tripod, and a backdrop. Guests can take pictures throughout the event, but remember to pose for a group picture. A food-themed bridal shower quiz is another fun game. Couples can answer questions about taste and then try to guess their answers by using a few clues.