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Momentum Travel Trailer

The Momentum G-Class Travel Trailer by Grand Design

If you’re searching for an RV that’s ideal for off-road adventurers, Grand Design’s Momentum G-Class series is your perfect fit. This model offers 16′ up to 20′ 8″ of cargo space and an outdoor ramp door to load your favorite toys before hitting the trails. When you’re done exploring, relax in your spacious living area which doubles as a garage!

When you’re ready to rest, the master suite offers a queen bed that will provide your family with some much needed relaxation after an adventurous day. A walk-in closet and generous bathroom make it easy to get the best night’s sleep possible.

The living area features floor-to-ceiling slide outs for more spacious living. Panoramic windows offer stunning views of the outdoors, while accent lighting helps keep your living space bright and inviting.

Cooking in the kitchen is easy with all the appliances necessary for whipping up delicious meals. The refrigerator, freezer and sink are conveniently located together; plus there are a few storage compartments to help keep everything organized and out of sight.

There are a variety of floorplans to choose from, each tailored to your individual needs. The 30G plan features a king bed, the 31G has an open shelf pantry and theater seating, while the 32G boasts the largest full bathroom out of all of them.

This toy hauler is lighter than its siblings without sacrificing quality or functionality. It features a gel-coated fiberglass exterior, laminated aluminum frame, diamond plate front rock guard and heated/enclosed underbelly as well.

This travel trailer’s interior has been designed with light and spaciousness in mind, providing plenty of room to move around. There are multiple large panoramic windows that bring in natural light, plus a shower skylight, USB chargers in the bedroom, as well as residential cabinetry throughout.

Another advantage of the G-Class toy hauler is its 30 gallon fuel tank. This allows you to keep your ATVs and other off-road toys fully fueled so they can go wherever life takes you.

If you plan to travel during the summer months, you’ll appreciate the Insulation Package included with all models of this RV. It features a heated and enclosed underbelly with suspended tanks, high-capacity furnace, moisture barrier floor enclosure and cabinet-mounted heat ducts to keep your gear warm and dry no matter when or where in the year you choose to explore.

For families with kids who love to explore new places, the G-Class toy hauler is an ideal option. This RV has been designed with comfort and practicality in mind so your entire family will have a relaxing vacation. Plus, its maneuverability sets it apart from many other travel trailers available on the market.