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The Time Traveler’s Caroline B Cooney

The Time Traveler’s Caroline B Cooney

Cooney’s captivating novels, like Time Traveler by Caroline B Cooney, weave historical elements with literature. For Enter Three Witches, she uses Macbeth’s text to portray Lady Mary falling victim to power-lust which ultimately destroys her family and brings about the tragic demise of her husband.

Cooney is an acclaimed author for young adults, writing both romance and suspense novels. Her books have received multiple awards including IRA-CBC Children’s Choice and an ALA Best Book for Young Adults. Her latest release, Before She Was Helen, is a mystery set in South Carolina where Cooney currently resides.

Michele Slung of The Washington Post raved about Cooney’s second novel Rear View Mirror, noting how tightly written and fast-paced it is that one can forget they haven’t been breathing until the very last paragraph! In 1984, Rear View Mirror was adapted into a television movie starring Lee Remick.

Prisoner of Time, Cooney’s third novel, follows Strat as he accidentally travels one hundred years into the future to 1895 and finds himself forced to marry Annie Lockwood. Their reunion is brief but enough to save Strat from certain death.

She has also written numerous teen mysteries, such as Diamonds in the Shadow and For All Time. Additionally, she contributes to Seventeen, American Girl, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, and Young World magazines.