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What Hurts More Period Or Kicked In The Balls

If you were to ask a female coworker what hurts worse – getting kicked in the balls or her period? She would say that getting kicked in her balls is more painful than her period. In fact, a kick to the balls is the equivalent of giving birth to 160 children and breaking up to 3,200 bones at once. The former is more painful than the latter, but a kick at the balls would be even worse.

Period cramps can cause long-lasting pains. Kicking the balls can cause a flash of pain. While a shot to the balls may cause the pain to linger for hours or days, it won’t be nearly as debilitating. Compared to your period, a kick to the balls is a one-time event that can make you feel so weak you can barely function.

Despite the fact that the latter is far worse than giving birth, the debate between women and men continues to rage. Ultimately, though, the question of what hurts worse, whether being kicked in the balls, is a matter of perception and experience. There are many factors that influence pain perception, including alertness, mood, and previous experiences. This video shows an expert weighing the pros and cons of each and giving an impartial explanation as to which one hurts most.

Apparently, getting kicked in the balls hurts as much as giving birth or passing kidney stones. So what hurts more, a period or a kick to the balls? Experts say that a kick to the balls can cause severe pain. However, the pain should subside within an hour. But the pain that follows a kick to the balls isn’t comparable to what a girl experiences when she gets hit in the groin.

In reality, getting kicked in the balls doesn’t hurt nearly as much, but there are still some benefits to the former. It can make a woman infertile, kill her, or even pass out. And if your partner gets kicked in the balls, he can’t even get a kiss, or call her a fool. The most important difference is that the former causes severe pain, while the former can cause a painful period.