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Travel To Brightwood And Complete The Trial Of The Scrivener

How to Travel to Brightwood and Complete the Trial of the Scrivener

If you’ve been playing New World for some time and you want to earn a reputation with one of the factions, then completing Trial of the Scrivener is necessary. It’s an easy quest, but there are some prerequisites.

Before beginning this quest, you must reach level 24 and have a 3,000 faction reputation. Fortunately, this can be easily accomplished through completing various faction missions throughout the game. Once at this stage, speak with Laurentius Krockes at Brightwood Hamlet and ask him for assistance with your quest.

To begin the quest, you’ll need to travel to Walsham’s Fields south of Brightwood. Here you will find a cemetery where a blue marker marks where to place down your Trace Absorber. Afterward, defeat Gheist Malikor -a ghost enemy that spawns nearby.

Once you’ve completed the quest, speak to Laurentius Krockes at Brightwood once more and he’ll reward you for all your hard work. A Syndicate-exclusive set of armor will appear, along with brand-new weaponry designed specifically for you.

Brightwood offers plenty of activities for visitors! You can explore some local ruins or take a trip up Mount Hood for stunning views.

You can also head to the Dark Legacy dungeon, where you’ll find all of your crafting materials necessary for creating the Axe “Executioner.” These include Bucaneer’s Plank, Hangman’s Binding, Blade of the Brutes and Infernal Coagulant.

Another way to earn experience points (XPs) is by visiting the Syndicate bases in Weaver’s Fen and Cutlass Keys. By doing this, you can gain invaluable reputation for your efforts.

Finally, for some RvR action, head out to Mourningdale and interact with the Soulwarden scouts who are patrolling there. Not only will you gain additional XP, but you’ll also learn how to deal with dangerous Soulwardens.

Other attractions in Brightwood include visiting Cathedral de Vasquez, Sleepy Sarmad and Shervey’s Lumbermill. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not explore Postrekhin and Lush Hideaway located within Dryad Ruins?

If you’re thinking of visiting Brightwood for a day trip or weekend vacation, the busiest times to visit are August, July, and June. To maximize your savings on travel expenses, book your trip well in advance.

Before making any travel plans in Brightwood, Oregon, it’s wise to factor in road conditions. Take a look at this map for an estimate of how long it will take you to reach different areas within driving distance.

If you’re looking to save some money, check out vacation deals online. Doing this will guarantee the lowest price on a hotel or vacation package.