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Fortuna Mokoko Seeds – Where to Find Them in Fortuna

In Fortuna, you can find the Mokoko Seeds in several places. They can be found in the southern part of the island, near a wooden fence, near a bush, and on the far northern side of the map. The location of these seeds is crucial, because they can help you complete several quests.

You can also find Mokoko Seeds on the cliffs on Fortuna Island. You can find them by interacting with the vines and climbing up the cliff. You can also find them near the cliff edge, hidden behind plants and leaves. After locating the Mokoko Seed, you will be able to move to the next level.

You can also find these seeds on the subliminal island. This island is a good place to collect Mokoko Seeds, but you need to be level 250 to get them. You can find two Mokoko Seeds on this island. One is located near the base of the palm tree, while the other is near the metallic gate on the north-western cliff. The map below shows where the Mokoko Seeds are located.

You can also find a Mokoko Seed on the level 250 static island, called Crescent Isle. You can find the second seed near a cliff edge, while the third one is hidden behind a tree. The fourth seed is on the surface, while the fifth is hidden in the shadows of a giant forest tree. In addition, there are 3 Mokoko Seeds on the Dreamgull Island, a level 350 static island. You can find the fourth one by climbing up a rock.

The fifth Mokoko Seed is located in the same dungeon, but not in the same location. It is surrounded by vines. Once you’ve found it, you can play the Forest’s Minuet to unlock the fifth one. In addition, you can find it by a large tree next to a bush. You can also find the third seed inside a tent.

If you’ve managed to gather one of the Mokoko Seeds on the first two islands, you’re close to finishing the game. They can be redeemed for many different rewards in the Mokoko Village. They are account-wide items that require a song to be played or a puzzle to solve.

Mokoko Seeds are a valuable resource in the Lost Ark. You can find them in several locations, including the village chief’s home. Talking with the chief will give you rewards if you manage to make rapport with him. For more information about building rapport with Totoma, check out the Rapport Guide in the Lost Ark.