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How Much is Rooga Worth?

If you are interested in finding out how much Rooga is worth, you can search for the answer in Bing. The singer and songwriter is a YouTube star who has over thirteen thousand subscribers. He has also released a new project on YouTube, a tribute to his cousin FBG Duck. The project earned more than two million views in the first thirty days.

Rooga’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. The artist is an American rapper and songwriter who was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. His real name is Denzel Charles, but he uses Rooga as his stage name. Rooga is 28 years old and is of African American descent. He has not revealed any personal information, but his Instagram account boasts more than twelve thousand followers and three hundred and sixty posts.

Rooga’s net worth has increased as she has gained popularity. She has a wife, a girlfriend, and two children. Her net worth is expected to rise with her career. Her YouTube videos have gained millions of views and earned her a significant amount of attention. She is estimated to earn $1.1 million to $3 thousand per month by January 2021.