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When You Are Hearing Speech It Means That

Generally, when you are hearing speech, it means that the speaker is using their voice. The way speech is produced is the result of the brain’s processes. The sound travels from the ear to the auditory cortex, where it is identified and interpreted. Finally, it is committed to short-term memories. This information allows the listener or speaker to respond or continue a conversation. Consequently, you hear speech with varying levels of loudness and amplitude.

One of the most important tips is to speak clearly. People with hearing impairments may find it difficult to understand what you’re saying if you speak too fast or use complex sentences. Talk slowly and clearly. Don’t speak too loudly to avoid confusion. Talking to people with hearing impairments is a good idea. Avoid using facial hair as it can interfere with the speaker’s ability hear words. Remember, if the speaker is not hearing speech clearly, it’s not you, it’s the other way around.