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Famous People Born On August 9

Famous People Born on August 9

Famous people born on August 9 include models, singers, rappers, and actors. These individuals are determined and compassionate, and they are very versatile. They do well in most jobs and do not spend recklessly.

One of the best known famous people born on August 9 is Whitney Houston. She was one of the most influential and important people in history. Her birthday falls on a Friday. When she died, she was 48 years old.

Other people on the list of famous people born on August 9 include actor Adam Nimoy, actress Ewa Froling, and actress Jennifer Garner. Their birthdays fall on August 9, but they are not as famous as those on other days.

Actors and models who are notable for their birth on August 9 include Eric Bana, Gijs Naber, and Daniel Henshall. They all have been working in the entertainment industry for quite a few years now.

In the film world, Daniel Henshall is most known for Defending Jacob (2020) and Okja (2017). Anna Cooke Kendrick was born on August 9 in 1985 and is an American actress. Some of her movies are The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) and Waterloo Road (2006). Others on the list of famous people born on August 8 include singers Barbara Mason, Mark Povinelli, and Tyler “Telle” Smith.

Other famous people born on August 9 include actors Gillian Anderson and Joe LoCicero. Both actresses have received nominations for the Academy Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards.

People who were born on the day are ruled by the Sun. They are very curious and loyal. However, they also have to work hard to maintain their financial status. Many of these people value relationships and take care of their families. As a result, they have to be vigilant about their health.

August 9 people are idealistic and enjoy art. They are highly creative and a good source of motivation for others. Aside from their work, they also value their family and enjoy the artistic endeavours. Although they do not spend recklessly, they do value money.

Models and actresses who were born on this day include Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu, Henriette Kaufman, and Liz Vassey. Several of them have been working on top flight musicals.

Another famous person born on August 9 is Robert Archibald Shaw. He is a writer and producer. His father was a famous TV director. Previously, he was an assistant director. He was born in Westhoughton, Lancashire.

August 9 individuals are very protective of their loved ones. They also make loyal soul mates. It is difficult for them to move away from their family and friends. They are very versatile, and they have a lot of talent when it comes to getting the job done.

There are many other famous people on the list of famous people born on the day of August 9. You can view their birthdays arranged in chronological order and discover their careers, as well as their hobbies.