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Biggest Sports Divas Of All Time

The Biggest Sports Divas of All Time

The term “diva” can carry both a negative and a positive connotation. For some athletes, the label simply means that they’re the best in the world, and for others, it means that they’ve had less-than-flattering moments in their careers. Regardless of the connotations of the term, we’ve put together a list of the biggest sports divas of all time.

For example, Brett Favre was dubbed the “NFL’s biggest diva” by NFL analyst Dan Wetzel back in 2009. Today, that description might seem harsh, but the quarterback once mocked himself for being too selfish and uncommitted to his life away from football.

The Divas have also had some defining moments in their sports careers. Their first season was in 2001, when the team was formed. They were founded in Washington, DC, by a group of women from all walks of life, and were coached by Ezra Cooper. Their first game was played on May 13, 2001, and the team went on to finish 3-4 that season.

Another sports diva who has made headlines recently is a 23-year-old Cuban outfielder who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s arguably the biggest diva in sports, and his arrogance shines through in every interview. He’s consistently ranked in Forbes’ lists of highest paid athletes, earning $105 million in two bouts in 2013. His fight record of 46-0 has elevated him to the pedestal of divadom.

Sherri Martel is another sports divas. She managed a number of teams in the WWF and WCW, including the Harlem Heat, The Rockers, and The Heavenly Bodies. She also managed Ric Flair and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. She and Sherri Moolah continued to rival each other, serving as the first female Survivor Series team captains in 1989.

After Sable’s first title, Mero was envious of her success. At WrestleMania, she beat her rival, but it was not enough. A few years later, she was drafted to Raw and lost the title to Maryse. But the Divas’ seven-game winning streak gave her the opportunity to become the first woman to hold the Divas Championship more than once.

The second biggest sports divas of all time are women in sports. Women in wrestling are arguably the most well-known divas. Women have won the NWA Women’s World Championship twice in the early 2000s, but there is no evidence of this. Women in the sport’s past have had to wrestle on bare feet for many years. However, this did not stop women from competing, and Grable earned her title as a result. Despite her lack of footing, she still managed to become one of the most popular and successful wrestlers.

Another example of a sports divas is a woman who was injured during a game. In the 2008 NBA Finals, Paul Pierce was forced to exit the court in a wheelchair, but he returned to play the game and helped the Boston Celtics win the series. He was later named the MVP of the series.