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Pokemon Go Event Field Research

Pokemon Go Event Field Research

You will be required to complete Field Research tasks during the October Pokemon Go event in order unlock new Pokemon. Numerous Starter Pokemon will see increased spawn rates during this month. Cosmog Candy can be earned to evolve Psychic-type Pokemon into Cosmoem. You can expect to find more Ghost-type Pokemon and some Dark-type Pokemon among the new Pokemon you can find in October.

Field Research tasks can be completed by spinning PokeStops and Gyms, but they will only be available for a limited time. More rewards will be given for more difficult tasks. Currently, you can only perform them once per day. It is very important to complete them all, as this will allow you to obtain rare items and Pokemon.

Field Research tasks do not count as completed until you accept the reward. You can continue working on them if desired, but you will have to wait until the next morning to claim them. You can find more information on Silph Road’s subreddit if you aren’t sure which ones you should take on. There, you can find more information on the tasks that will reward you with XP and other rewards.

This event is designed to find the strongest Pokemon possible. This event gives you the opportunity to earn XL Candy and the Steel-type Pokemon are the strongest in mobile gaming. These powerful Pokemon can be obtained by completing Field Research tasks that are only available to those who complete them. You can also use the rewards to evolve, power up, and catch Pokemon.

The Evolving Stars Pokemon Go event adds several new Field Research tasks to the game. You can complete the tasks in order to get Mega Energy and Evolution Items. You can also spin PokeStops in order to complete special Field Research tasks. You can also find out which Raid bosses and wild Pokemon are spawning during the event.

Completing Field Research tasks will help you unlock Research Breakthroughs and earn Stamps. These tasks can be completed together or with friends. The first Research you complete each day will give you a special stamp. After you collect 7 stamps, you’ll unlock Research Breakthroughs, which will give you more powerful Stardust, rarer items, and the ability to catch rare Pokemon.

The Evolving stars event will end Tuesday, October 11, at 8pm (local). Those who are in the game before the deadline should begin spinning PokeStops as soon as possible. They will reward you with Pokeballs, berries, and other vital resources.

The game offers Special Research tasks in addition to Field Research. These quests are similar in nature to Field Research but have different goals. These tasks are offered directly by Professor Willow. Once you have completed them, you will be taken on a multi-part adventure.