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Electric Travel Kettle

Top Features to Look For in an Electric Travel Kettle

An electric travel kettle is the ideal way to stay warm when traveling. Whether it’s tea, coffee or something else, these small kettles fit easily in a backpack or suitcase and provide heat while away.

When purchasing a kettle, the boiling speed should be your top priority. This will determine how quickly water boils so you don’t have to waste time waiting for it. If you need your tea or coffee boiled quickly at night, look for a kettle that can get it up to boiling in less than five minutes.

Other factors to consider include how small the kettle is and if it can be stored in your luggage. Some models come with cases so you can tuck the power cord inside and pack away without fear of anything getting inside, while others feature tight-screwing lids so they don’t leak all over your bag.

One-Touch Brewing

If you prefer to brew your own tea, this Breville kettle makes the process a breeze. It comes with a brew basket that you fill with loose tea leaves and it automatically lowers into the water when reached the ideal temperature. Plus, there are five temperature settings to accommodate different varieties and steep times as well as a custom option for just one cup of tea!

Dual Voltage

When shopping for an electric travel kettle, make sure it can operate on both 110V and 240V power supplies. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your kettle will work in any country with a different voltage system.

Boil Dry Protection

Prolonging the heat can lead to fires and other serious hazards, so be sure to select a travel kettle which can shut off automatically once water reaches boiling point. The Ovente KS22S does not disappoint here as it features an Auto-Dry Protection feature which prevents your water from heating back up again once boiled.

Collapsible Features

If you need an easy-to-fold and store kettle, the Lyty folding travel kettle is your perfect option. Its stainless steel heating plate and silicone body are both durable, plus it folds down to a compact size that fits neatly into backpacks or suitcases.

It’s also a dual-voltage model, so you can use it overseas with just an international plug adapter. Additionally, this travel kettle can be used on either side of the USA since it runs on either 120V or 240V electricity.

Another excellent option is the Bodum Bistro Electric, which features a hidden heating plate under its lid that can be set to any temperature desired. Perfect for coffee and tea connoisseurs alike, this kettle also heats milk or boils noodles quickly and efficiently – plus, as one of the smallest on the market, you can easily transport it around in your luggage.