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When Did Miss Kitty Get The Mole On Her Cheek

When Did Miss Kitty Get the Mole on Her Cheek?

You may have wondered when Miss Kitty got the mole on her cheek. The episode “The Killer”, in which she got it, was part of the second season on the hit TV series “Cooter.” It was not until the eighth episode, when she sexily kissed Matt Dillon, did the storyline take a more serious turn. Nevertheless, the episode reveals the underlying mystery: did Miss Kitty ever confess to Matt Dillon about her feelings?

After the successful first season, she was reportedly a popular TV character on Gunsmoke. The actress who played Miss Kitty later became a half owner of the Long Branch Saloon. Her character had a long-lasting romantic relationship with Matt Dillon. Although they were only on the show for two seasons, the couple eventually got married. Miss Kitty and Matt Dillon had a romantic relationship off-screen as well.