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Western Hydrodynamic Research Hat

A Western Hydrodynamic Research Hat Is a Great Promotional Item

Whether you’re a fan of Pat Towersey or you just love a good promotional hat, you’ll want to look into purchasing a Western Hydrodynamic Research hat. These promotional hats are great for boosting your brand’s visibility and awareness among your customers. This is because they’re emblazoned with your company’s name and logo.

Shock cord bungee hats

Designed to be a unique promotional product, Western Hydrodynamic Research’s Promotional Hat is made from a lightweight mixture of cotton and polyester fabrics. The hat features bold logo graphics and a shock cord bungee closure. The hat also features a slight curved brim. It is secured by two brass grommets.

Western Hydrodynamic Research is a surf brand based in California. The company provides beach utility products as well as educational programs and immersive experiences. Western Hydrodynamic Research is committed to sustainability and community development. Their online store is unique in that it offers a wide selection of items that you won’t find elsewhere. They are also working to become a household name in the near future. As a brand, they are dedicated to creating products that will be useful on the beach for years to come. They also offer a great online experience.

Western Hydrodynamic Research’s hats are made from a Navy cotton twill material with a Shock Cord Bungee closure. The closure is made of a nylon cased rubber core and two brass grommets.

About Pat Towersey

Founded in 2014, Western Hydrodynamic Research (WHR) is a California-based project that emphasizes environmental responsibility, community, and fun. Merchandise from the brand features simple, sturdy construction and endearing marine life graphics. The company also offers educational programs and immersive experiences.

The company’s mission is to educate consumers on ocean conservatism and waste minimization. WHR uses upcycled materials to create its apparel. They also sell products that are meant to be worn for as long as possible. Some of the products have words embroidered on the front. This style has a nylon case that contains a multi-stranded rubber core. The bungee is held in place with two brass grommets.

The company has a unique online shopping experience. The products are sold in limited quantities and are meant to be worn for as long as the wearer wants. The company’s merchandise is made from organic cotton twill material and features a front embroidered logo with the words “Western Hydrodynamic Research”. A promotional hat is also available with a Shock Cord Bungee, made from nylon case and a multi-stranded rubber core.