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Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Special Research

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Special Research

The Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Special Research is a unique challenge that has five stages and four different tasks. Players complete the first three stages of the challenge and can then complete the fourth one to collect rewards. Once they have completed all five stages, players will take on Buzzwole in a catch encounter.

There are two different ways to complete the quest, which will affect the challenges you face and the rewards you earn. Once you choose a path, it’s too late to change your mind. However, you will still receive most of the same rewards, such as incubators, TMs, and Premium Battle Passes.

The Go Fest 2022 special research quest offers the chance to unlock the mythical Land Forme Shaymin. This Pokemon is similar to other mythical Pokemon from the past, like Meloetta, Victini, and Celebi. Players will get to play this Pokemon during Day 2 of the event. In addition, the quest will be available to players who have purchased tickets to the event.

Special Research is an in-game task that can be completed to earn stickers. In addition to the sticker rewards, the Special Research tasks will have different tasks depending on the focus of your gameplay. For instance, during habitat hours, you will attract Pokemon that are featured in the habitat. In addition, if you have a ticket for the event, you’ll have the chance to meet a Shiny Unown B as a bonus!

Special Research is a great way to earn more cash and get useful items. It is not difficult to complete, and it will reward you with Foongus Candy and Munna Candy. But be aware that you should take advantage of it if you’re really serious about winning prizes!

You can also catch rare Pokemon such as Unown G.E. and Psychic Fangs. They are only available in certain regions. If you’re not a fan of Rare Pokemon, you may be better off with other types, like Torkoal or Blissey. You can also catch shiny Kantonian Geodude.

You can also go on a Special Research quest without a ticket. There are five tasks in the Special Research quest. Each task has a different difficulty level, so make sure you understand what you’re doing. You can choose from two branching paths to do the quest. One path focuses on area and a second branch deals with difficulty.