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Aram Mage Guide – How to Play Aram As a Front-Line Champion

Miss Fortune is one of the more popular champions in ARAM. It’s a front-line champion that deals huge damage. When paired with a support champion, she can set up a big advantage in battles. Her auto attacks can also take out enemy champions. As a result, she is the best choice for a front-line champion in ARAM.

Miss Fortune is a good choice for players who like to build their attack damage and critical strike items. She also has Strut, which gives her an extra bit of attack speed. She can also be upgraded into Muramana and Manamune if you are playing against balanced and squishy enemies. Infinity Edge is also a solid option, allowing Miss Fortune to use her ability to slow enemies.

If you want to deal more damage with ranged attacks, you can use the Statikk Shiv, a ranged damage skill. During the active time of this spell, you can deal more damage to enemies while dealing less damage to yourself. This is a powerful skill for Miss Fortune, because it increases your attack speed while dealing extra damage to your opponents.

When you’re close to an enemy, you can use your Double Up ability to initiate a battle. If you’re near enough, you can also use the Phantom Dancer, which gives Miss Fortune an extra amount of speed. Then, you’ll have the chance to critically strike enemies. Using both these abilities will greatly increase Miss Fortune’s damage output.

Aram’s passive lifesteal and slow abilities make her useful against auto-attack champions. However, she is not very good in 4v5 until level six. However, she is a good choice in top lane. Her ability to teleport to anywhere and stun enemies is great, and her ultimate helps in team fights.

If you want to play a top-tier ARAM champion, you should make sure that you’re not afraid to play this unique mage. With her ability power, she can push the enemy out of the lane and reduce their effectiveness. Her ultimate has great AOE damage, and she also has 5 stacks.

When it comes to ARAM, it’s important to pick champions that have the right mix of damage and sustain. ARAM champions that have great sustain and damage are still better than those with no sustain. But make sure you use them wisely. If you play an ARAM champion, you can still use her to tank your opponent’s lane or to support your team.

Morgana is another great ARAM champion. She has long range attack damage and can headshot enemies. She can also use her ultimate to finish off enemies. She also has a powerful Q. This makes her an excellent support for carries.