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Researched In Spanish

Why Researched in Spanish?

Researching in Spanish is an excellent way to learn about a different culture. You also have the opportunity to gain cross-disciplinary understandings. For example, you might study how different countries manage to solve social problems. This knowledge could be used to create a public policy solution. Then, you could present your solution to a problem in Spanish.

According to NOAA-funded social sciences research, Spanish words used for tornado warnings don’t convey the same urgency that English words. This research focused on severe weather and tornadoes, but it has implications for all types of weather hazards. It validates earlier studies. For example, “aviso”, which is the English translation of “warning”, does not have the same urgency.

Spanish scholars have also noted that there is a huge amount of literature on the Spanish Civil War. Although most of it was written outside of Spain, there is still a substantial amount of scholarship on the Spanish side. Many studies on the civil war of 1830s were written in English or Spanish.