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Roam Research Forum – How to Turn Your Notes Into a Database

A good way to turn your notes into a database is to create a list of every single day’s highlights. These notes can include random thoughts, new ideas, or even good quotes. You can then use the date picker to reference those notes. You can also create reference pages with backlinks to the relevant information. By adding links to these pages, you can turn your list of notes into a network of ideas.


Roam Research is an opinionated, online-only research forum and outliner. It was created by Conor White-Sullivan and offers a unique way to structure your data. Unlike the traditional outliner, it allows you to create a hierarchy of relationships and a contextual framework. The outliner also supports multiple levels of filtering. It also has an embedded graph, which enables you to browse through related information.

The Roam Research Outliner helps you organize your notes and create a network of knowledge. You can record your daily highlights, random thoughts, new ideas, and interesting quotes. You can also reference dates with the help of a date picker. When you’re done, you can create pages with relevant information related to the notes you’ve created. These pages can then be linked to, turning your notes into a rich network of information.

Graph database

The Graph database on the roam research forum is a work in progress, and the graphs are not yet complete. They are, however, a great tool for research. It contains many useful statistics, including the number of users and the number of active users, as well as the overall market size of the mobile industry. The graph database is designed to make data analysis easier, and has a user-friendly interface.

The graph database on the roam research forum is one of the most comprehensive online research tools for analyzing consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. This resource compiles research by over 30 experts in the field. It allows users to search through a variety of reports and understand the latest trends. Using this resource, you can also create multiple stories within the same graph.

Discounts for scholars

If you are a scholar, you can get discounted memberships at Roam Research. To join, all you need to do is create an account online. There’s a free trial, and a paid Professional account costs $15 a month or $165 a year. You can also buy a five-year license for $500. You can also take advantage of discounts available for full-time scholars, students under 22 years old, and those in financial distress.

Getting an account

The first step to getting started with Roam Research is to sign up for a free trial. This gives you the opportunity to test the site for 31 days before committing to the paid version. After that, you can pay $15 a month or $165 for a five-year license. Roam also offers a discount for full-time scholars, people under 22 and those in financial need. The website also mentions a freemium plan for the future.

Roam Research is a web-based application that combines knowledge management with note-taking. It has been described as a “game changer” by some people, but it has a lot more power hidden under the hood than most people realise. Roam Research enables you to build a network of knowledge.