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Vice President Research Search

How to Conduct a Vice President Research Search Online

Using the Internet to perform a vice president research search is a great idea, but it’s important to be careful. There are many scams out there.


Founded in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University is one of the world’s most renowned educational institutions. Its mission is to solve real-world problems through interdisciplinary research and innovation. The university’s research portfolio encompasses science, arts, engineering and social sciences. Its faculty and students have raised more than $7 billion in funding. They have also spun out over 400 startups.

CMU has built a robust industry partnership network and has a strong record of technology transfer. It has also established a number of research partnerships across the globe. It has campuses in Rwanda, Australia and Qatar. The university also has a long tradition of diversity as a core value. It has also taken advantage of federal funding for research.

Carnegie Mellon’s next Vice President for Research (VPR) will serve as a key member of the university’s leadership team. He or she will oversee CMU’s research enterprise and guide the strategic direction of the institution. The next VPR will work closely with CMU’s President and Chief Academic Officer to set CMU’s academic priorities. He or she will also collaborate with leaders across CMU to advocate for the importance of CMU’s research.

Florida State University

Laurel Fulkerson, who has served as FSU’s Interim Vice President for Research since January 2021, will retire in the spring. The position is now open for applications.

The Florida State University will launch a national search for its next Vice President for Research. The university is looking for a visionary and experienced leader who will help move the university to the next level of prominence. The new VPR will be charged with defining the university’s research mission, and with initiating new directions for research. He or she will also be responsible for building infrastructure to support research faculty and students. The new VPR will also serve as a key member of the university’s leadership team, and will work closely with the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The ideal candidate should be an accomplished researcher, and have experience in the commercialization of research, as well as attracting private funding, government support and industry partnerships. The new VPR will also be charged with maximizing the intellectual power of the university, and with implementing strategies for increasing prominence.

University of Victoria

Among the governing bodies at the University of Victoria is the Vice-President Research and Innovation, who leads the research activities of the university. She is responsible for the overall research portfolio of the university, including the research centres and the research policies. She also has a particular mandate for health sciences.

The Vice-President Research and Innovation works to promote the research activities of the University of Victoria. This includes collaborating with the university’s research institutes, developing strategic partnerships with industry, and recognizing research excellence.

The Vice-President Research and Associate Vice-President Research Operations are responsible for the university’s research centres and research institutes. They are also responsible for supporting the research of the university’s faculty. Their roles include developing funding proposals, assisting in the process of submitting research proposals, and supporting faculty.

Tulane University

Located in a thriving coastal city, the ByWater Institute at Tulane University focuses on coastal resilience and issues related to the urban environment. The Institute seeks an Executive Director who will advance the Institute’s mission, while continuing to strengthen its interdisciplinary programming and leveraging the Institute’s resources.

Tulane University is looking for a visionary, interdisciplinary scholar who will strengthen the research-support services that the Institute offers to scientists and researchers. The successful candidate will demonstrate a track record of effective research-support services, as well as collaboration with faculty, administrators, and private sponsoring agencies.

The Vice President for Research is responsible for the strategic planning and management of Tulane’s research activities. He or she is also responsible for assisting in the recruitment of leading investigators and for fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

University of Rochester

Having recently appointed a provost and chief academic officer, University of Rochester President Sarah Mangelsdorf has also announced the search for a new vice president research. The search will be conducted by a search committee that will seek input from members of the University community and invite community members to submit recommendations for candidates.

The University of Rochester is a private research university with an enrollment of more than 12,000 undergraduate and graduate/professional students. The University is home to world-class research facilities and researchers.

University researchers are artists, scientists, and scholars who work in a variety of fields. They collaborate with colleagues around the world to address world-changing challenges, from nanofabrication to virtual reality. The University’s faculty have earned nine National Medals of Science and four National Medals of Technology. It has received twenty Guggenheim Fellowships.