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Valley Research Park

Kettering City Council Approves Sale of Land in Valley Research Park

The Kettering City Council has approved the sale of land in the Valley Research Park. With decades of real estate experience, Valley Research Park staff is well-qualified to assist companies looking for flexible laboratory space. Whether you need a large facility or a small one, we can help you find the best space for your laboratory needs.

Miami Valley Research Park

Located in Dayton, Ohio, Miami Valley Research Park is home to several companies and organizations engaged in the advancement of technology. The research park has an excellent location and is accessible to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base and downtown Dayton. It has a thriving workforce and shovel-ready sites that are perfect for new companies. The park has recently seen new expansions at Community Tissue Center, Resonetics, and Life Connection of Ohio.

Central Research Park

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a thriving research and technology center. More than 120 companies are located at the University’s Research Park. These companies support research in science and technology while also employing students and full-time professionals. Energy Driven Technologies, a company founded in 2016, is one of the companies that have found success at the University. The company is devoted to the advancement of nanoscale manufacturing technology, and has made it its mission to introduce this technology to the rest of the world.

Central Research Park is a campus of eight buildings that contains top-notch office and R&D space. The park offers excellent visibility along the Central Expressway and is near several major universities and research centers. This campus is ideal for companies that need a mix of office, warehouse, and lab space.

This research park is a vital component of the Rocket City’s economy. In addition to the many startups located here, it is also home to many established national and international companies. The Park also offers educational, training, and social events, fostering a community-based atmosphere. Companies are collaborating on a wide range of projects and expanding rapidly.


GlobalFoundries is expanding its semiconductor fabrication operations into Saratoga County. Previously known as IBM East Fishkill, the campus was home to 27 divisions and 4,700 regular employees. GlobalFoundries acquired IBM Microelectronics, which manufactured microchips and owned an advanced automated processor fabrication facility. The plant helped co-develop IBM’s “Cell” processor.

The project has prompted concerns in the local community. For example, the construction of the Northway spanned school district and town boundaries, causing some residents to voice their disapproval. But the state’s Empire Zone program helped secure Fab 8’s relocation, and it has the potential to boost the industry sector in the region. The location of GlobalFoundries in Saratoga County could also help the region become a tech hub.

IBM is betting on GlobalFoundries to supply its semiconductor chip needs. It has transferred thousands of its technologists from its East Fishkill site. It is also acquiring an extensive patent portfolio.

Kettering city council approves sale of land at valley research park

The Miami Valley Business Park, which encompasses more than 1,200 acres in Kettering and Beavercreek, is home to some of the largest companies in the Miami Valley. The Miami Valley Research Foundation had sought to sell four buildings and more than 700 acres of undeveloped land in the area for as much as $30 million. The council agreed to consider the sale and said the land acquisition could provide new jobs and economic development for the city.

The project is expected to add a new building, which will be 20,000 square feet. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved a tax credit of up to $570,000 for the expansion. The new building is expected to house 147 people. The new payroll would be $52,000 annually.

The Miami Valley Research Park is located between Beavercreek and Kettering, Ohio. The park is about 1,250 acres, and the expansion of County Line Road will boost business at the site. The development is expected to cost $2.6 million and include a 300-unit residential complex. The project is being undertaken by Industrial Commercial Properties, which owns dozens of acres in the research park.