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Travel Size Vaseline

Travel Size Vaseline Lotion

Vaseline has been a skincare icon for 150 years and still going strong. Fueled by its long-standing purpose, premium product innovations, digital evolution and timely entry into new markets, Vaseline is one of Unilever’s fastest growing brands.

For over 150 years, petroleum jelly has been the go-to moisturizer of people around the globe. Now it is enjoying renewed popularity due to a new wave of social media beauty enthusiasts extolling its many virtues.

Travel-sized vaseline lotion is an ideal way to moisturize your skin while traveling. They’re easier and less likely to leak or spill than full-sized bottles, making them a more convenient option than carrying around a full bottle with you.

What’s the Ideal Vaseline Lotion to Bring on Vacation?

Selecting the appropriate travel size is essential as it should be lightweight and leakproof. Furthermore, ensure it contains moisturizing ingredients so it can effectively protect and nourish your skin while traveling.

How Much Does Travel Size Vaseline Cost?

Prices for travel sizes of vaseline vary by brand and can range anywhere from $5 to $15. Generally, these smaller bottles are easier to transport and less likely to leak or spill than full-sized bottles, making them the better choice for taking on vacation or trips.

Does a travel size Vaseline lotion last longer?

Vaseline lotion in travel sizes is intended to last around 3-4 weeks before it runs out. To preserve freshness and moisture levels, keep the container airtight.

What Is the Maximum Thickness of a Travel Size Bottle of Vaseline?

Unfortunately, you cannot take travel-sized Vaseline lotions that are thicker than 3.4 oz (100 ml) on airplanes. However, you can carry smaller bottles less than 3.4 oz (100 mm) in your purse or backpack without any issues.

Can I Take a Larger Tub of Vaseline on Board?

If you plan to bring along an extra-large tub of vaseline when flying, it is suggested that it be checked as luggage. While there is no rule against taking bigger items onboard, it’s wise to inquire with the airline beforehand about its weight limit for checked baggage.

Vaseline can only be taken on airplanes at the discretion of your TSA agent. If you plan to bring more than 3.4 oz (100 l) of liquids on board, expect to pay a steep fee.

Does Vaseline Jelly Keep My Lips From Chafing?

Vaseline jelly is an effective moisturizer that can help heal dry lips. It provides long-lasting moisture and a natural shine, while helping prevent dryness by locking in moisture and shielding against cold weather, wind and sun.

Do I Need a Zipper to Pack Vaseline Liquid in My Bag?

The most straightforward way to make Vaseline lotion travel-sized is to store it in an airtight zip-lock bag. This protects it from damage while traveling and also ensures that it doesn’t get lost or stolen while you’re gone.