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Can You Drink With A Retainer In

If you have a retainer, the first question you must ask yourself is, can you drink with a retainer in? It all depends on what type of retainer you have. Invisalign retainers can be comfortably placed in your mouth because they are made of thin plastic. You can’t eat certain foods with them. Drinking soda is bad because the acidic content of soda can cause enamel to dissolve and damage retainers over time. Drinking coffee or tea can stain your teeth, making your retainer hard and brittle.

Water is safe to drink with a retainer. Water is safe to drink with a retainer, unlike some juices and other beverages that may contain chemicals that could harm the retainer. Drinking plain water can also prevent food particles from sticking to the retainer. However, beverages with flavorings and chemicals can alter the material of the retainer. It is best to avoid soda consumption until your retainer has been removed.

Clear retainers can withstand most liquids and foods, but they may become discolored when you drink certain beverages. Drinking water is fine if your retainer is transparent. However, if your drink is not clear, you can risk getting a yellow or brown tint on the retainer. If your retainer breaks, you may have to pay $150-$500. Therefore, make sure you choose your beverage wisely.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while wearing a retainer. The temperature of the beverage can affect the retainer’s integrity. It can cause it lose its shape or warp. It will no longer hold your teeth in their proper place. If you do consume alcoholic beverages, you should remove your retainer and store it carefully. It should be kept moist and away form heat sources. That way, you won’t accidentally damage the retainer and your teeth.

You shouldn’t forget to take out your retainer before you eat. Water is an exception. Any other liquids or food that contains sugar or acids are not allowed. If you’re unsure, contact your orthodontist. If you’re worried about having a problem with your retainer, make sure you call your orthodontist right away. Call your orthodontist immediately if you are concerned about eating with your retainer.

If you can’t drink alcohol because you have a retainer, you can drink water. But you need to remember that water is not enough to clean a retainer. In fact, it will only cause it to break down and not serve its purpose – straightening your teeth. Drink water only if your retainer is not in it. One such drink is soda, which can affect retention and possibly break retainers.