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Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Tea leaf fortune cards have long fascinated tea drinkers with their shape-foretelling abilities. These 200-card decks are now available in full color and include an instructional guide to help you learn to read them. Tea leaves have a long history of being used to predict the future. Tea leaf fortune cards are an excellent way to discover the future in a simple and easy way.

The cards are made using a technique called tasseomancy. The method uses loose tea leaves which form symbols. Using this method, Rae Hepburn developed Tea Leaf Fortune Cards containing over 600 symbols. Each card contains the symbol, name, brief interpretation, and brief description. There are six general house cards and twelve month cards. Unlike tasseography, the cards are not shown with actual tea leaf patterns.

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, they can be used for coming year readings, coming week readings, and Astral House Pyramid readings. Each month, four different ways can be used for the cards. They are drawn once per month. Audrey Hepburn’s cards resemble a teacup and she learned about the method from her aunt.

The cards come with a soft-cover instruction guide. It is an updated edition of the first edition and contains expanded meanings based on traditional tea leaf interpretations. The cards are round, mimicking the shape of a tea cup, and are made from high quality matte stock paper. They are easy to read and use.

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards are a great way to learn the art of tea leaf reading. The book includes over 200 cards as well as a guidebook that will help you correctly read them. It includes illustrations of tea leaves as well as examples of readings. The tea leaf reading guide book also provides a list of tea leaf symbols and meanings.

The deck includes four types of cards. Tea Leaf Symbol Cards are a circular card with symbols and a short meaning. Each deck comes with a ninety eight page book and a gold organza bag. The cards are packaged in a sturdy chest-style box. It is simple to use and makes a great gift for any occasion.