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What Is Bigger 3 8 Or 5 16

Many people wonder which is larger 3 8 or 5 16? The answer is that they are both larger, but the question is, which is larger? To answer this question, we must know what fractions have different denominators. The fraction is larger the bigger the numerator. Half an inch is larger than three-eighths. Thus, 5/16 equals half an inch, while 3/8 is smaller than seven-eighths.

A standard ruler has markings that correspond to fractions of an inch if you want to determine what size is bigger. The 1/16th of an inch is the first fraction. Next, you have 5/16. The fourth fraction is seven-eighths and the fifth is eleven eighths of an in. The same goes for fractions with the same numerator. The fraction that is larger than 0 on the number-line is called the larger fraction. Moreover, fractions are equivalent. A decimal value of 3/8 equals 0.3125.