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Outdoor Research Hemispheres Jacket

Outdoor Research Hemispheres Jacket – Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable

Designed for women, the Panorama Point outdoor jacket from Outdoor Research is waterproof, windproof and breathable. With an adjustable, wire-reinforced hood, dual internal pockets and underarm ventilation zips, this jacket will keep you dry and comfortable.

Gore-Tex stretch panels

Whether you’re heading out for a ski tour or a summer hike, the Outdoor Research Hemispheres Jacket is a versatile hardshell that offers incredible weather protection and freedom of movement. With Gore-Tex stretch panels, an adjustable storm hood and TorsoFlo vents, it provides the ultimate protection against the elements.

The Hemispheres Jacket is made with an innovative, two-layer GORE-TEX fabric that features Stretch Technology. This technology allows the fabric to stretch four times as much as other waterproof fabrics, allowing a trimmer fit and more room for insulation layers. The stretchy panels in the back of the shoulders and the underarms provide incredible freedom of movement while maintaining protection from the elements.

The fabric is also lightweight and comfortable next to the skin. It has been tested in a variety of conditions, including straight-up rain and heavy snowstorms.

Dual-internal pockets

Designed with a blend of Stretch Technology and waterproof protection, the Outdoor Research Hemispheres Jacket is a strong and versatile choice for backcountry skiers and riders. The three-layer Gore-Tex C-Knit fabric is stretchy enough to let you move freely while providing waterproof protection.

This jacket has a hood that fits over your helmet. There are stretchy panels in the hood and under the shoulders. This allows you to move freely and avoid tearing. There is also a mesh sleeve on the inside of the jacket that will fit your phone and other small gear. You can also store larger items in the jacket’s dual internal pockets. These pockets will keep you close to your gear, keeping it from thawing.

The bibs of the Hemispheres have internal gaiters to keep your pant legs from falling off. They also have a power strap slot on the bibs that you can attach your boot power strap to.

YKK AquaGuard and Vislon zippers

YKK AQUAGUARD and Vislon zippers are not a new thing for the outdoor industry. They are made with a shiny polyurethane finish and feature polyester tape that sews into the zippers. They are durable and water resistant, and can be sewn, bonded, or ultrasonically bonded. You can even find them sewn into PU-coated jackets.

The YKK AQUAGUARD water-repellent zipper is the only jacket zipper on the market to offer a shiny polyurethane finish, allowing it to withstand even the toughest of environments. AQUAGUARD zippers are also sewn with acetal plastic teeth to protect against damage, and are able to be ultrasonically bonded.

The Hemispheres Jacket also makes use of a new premium Gore-Tex fabric called C-Knit. C-Knit is a technological feat of sorts. Combining a waterproof breathable membrane with a new backing, the new fabric offers a quieter, more supple feel next to your skin. It’s also a first-of-its-kind, as the jacket is the first outdoor product to feature Gore-Tex’s patented Stretch Technology.

Great range of motion

Whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, or winter athlete, the Outdoor Research Hemispheres jacket is a great choice. It’s lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. It’s also roomy enough for backcountry touring, while still being compact enough to fit in your pack.

The Hemispheres is made with 3L Gore-Tex C-Knit fabric, which offers exceptional stretch and comfort. The fabric’s new backing provides a quiet feel next to skin, while also maintaining the waterproofing and breathability of GORE-TEX.

The Hemispheres jacket features stretchy panels on the underarms and the back of the hood, allowing for unparalleled freedom of motion. It’s also got a great fit, thanks to the four-way stretch, which gives you a tailored fit.

The jacket features a hood that fits over a helmet, as well as a poncho-style venting system that regulates your body temperature while touring. It also has two large handwarmer pockets and a small fleece patch inside the collar.

Less protective than other jackets

OUTDOOR RESEARCH Hemispheres jackets are a new addition to the outdoor research line of bomber winter jackets. The Hemispheres jacket was designed by the OR athlete team to offer the best in weather resistance and flexibility. It is made of stretchy Gore-Tex fabric, which provides excellent weather protection and comfort.

The jacket has a unique poncho-style venting system that allows for significant airflow. It is also equipped with TorsoFlo vents, which allow for heat to be dumped quickly. The front zipper is open to allow for easy access to the jacket, while the hood is designed to fit over a helmet. It also features a wire brim Hood Lock for a snug fit.

The interior of the jacket features a mesh sleeve that allows for phones and other small items to be stored. The sleeve is large enough to fit an iPhone 6. It also includes a headphone port.